Tegami Bachi

Pictured From Left: Missing hero, Gauche; Mobile snack, Steak; Faithful Dingo, Niche; Crybaby lead, Lag

Tegami Bachi and its sequel series Tagami Bachi: Reverse tell the story of intrepid orphan Lag Seeing who following in the footsteps of his hero Gauche Suede becomes a Letter Bee, a mail carrier in a land of uncertain infrastructure. Lag along with Niche, his montrously cute dingo (a being who serves as a Letter Bee’s partner) and the other Bees use their special powers to deliver the mail and the feelings they convey while battling emotion-eating monsters who want to devour the letters.

Lag is challenged by the disappearance and presumed death of Gauche. Wrapped up in that mystery is that of the abduction of Lag’s mother. Unwilling to accept that his hero suffered catastrophic failure Lag searches for clues as to Gauche’s fate. The second season continues the search and also contends with a group of revolutionaries set on bringing down the social order of this strange world.

While Tegami Bachi includes some shounen elements like special attack moves the adolescent male lead and his comrades use to fight the bug like monsters, Lag’s power is best used when showing the emotions that are invested in an object like a letter to bring understanding and reconciliation. A skill that suggests a show of shojou or josei origins. Other josei elements are Lag’s crybaby tendencies, gentle pacing, and softer pallet.