What is Overthinking Anime?

OverthinkingAnime.com takes a critical look at the popular art form using tools of analysis from philosophy, psychology, the social sciences, and just a smidgen theology. Sure some of the conclusions may push way past what the makers of the shows intended, but the world was never harmed by thoughtful reasonable reflection. So I invite you to put your thinking caps on while we talk about anime. Articles about shows and episodes are written for those who have seen the subject under discussion and so should be considered full of spoilers.

There are limitations, of course, I haven't watched every anime. Also, though I study physical sciences and math, they are not my strong suits. Therefore I turn back to you, gentle reader, and ask for your help. Is there some glaring point I missed? Is there some show I should watch? Please do let me know by using the contact page or comments. Let's have fun overthinking anime.

Getting Started in Anime, part one

Hanasaku Iroha follows the adventures of one seriously plucky lead (center)

Often people from the social sciences/ religion/ family side of my life express interest in anime, but don’t know where to get started. The impressive body of work that stretches back to 1917 can be intimidating. Where to begin; do they need to start with older titles and work forward? I put together the first …

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Thinking About Anime May 21-25, 2012

The quality of Ginga e Kickoff will hinge on how they treat Reika

In the past week’s episodes we saw the shorter-run shows pick up the pace. Several shows are half-way through their runs, and many clearly have things still in developmental stages. Several shows took abrupt turns, and a few left off with startling cliff hangers. The two best shows of the season, Uchuu Kyoudai and Sakamichi …

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Memorial Day Anime

Members of the Kurosaki family pay tribute at Kurosaki Masaki's Grave

For most people in the United States Memorial Day is a time set aside to remember our military dead (and to be fair that is the official purpose), but for my mother’s family weekends in May are taken up by memorial services at our family cemeteries where we honor all of those who had gone …

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Cultural Analysis of Soul Society: Part One, Rukongai

A busy commercial street in Rukongai

The Bleach universe is made up of four distinct realms. The protagonist and his human friends live in a world that is largely like our own. Its laws and social settings are arranged more or less like modern Japanese society (though with more parental loss and non-functioning families as is typical of anime). There is …

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Thinking about Anime May 14-18, 2012

In high school, often waiting is the hardest part

This week saw big changes in European Governments, but the anime front largely continued as it has been. Shows like Uuchu Kyoudai, Sakamichi no Appollon, and Jormungand turned in excellent episodes this week; shows like Shirokuma Cafe and Mouretsu Pirates brought episodes that are certainly entertaining, but that’s about it. This week’s honored seiyuu is …

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