Otaku comes in female too

Kurashita Tsukimi lives in a quirky retro Tokyo apartment building (called Amamizukan) with five other women. Each of them is dedicated to a hobby or pursuit that takes them outside of the usual lives of young women. When Tsukimi becomes involved with the flamboyant child of a politician, the lives of all the people at Amamizukan get thrown into upheaval. Add to the mix land grabbing developers, a Mercedes obsessed driver, and jellyfish and the recipe for high jinks is complete.

Kuragehime takes time and care with the characters, so that even as they fulfill nerdy-girl stereotypes they also have a depth that adds to the shows charm. Romance elements are more hinted at that openly pursued, but there is a lovely tension that settles into the shows second half. As the characters naturally respond to the increasingly strange positions in which they find themselves there is enough action to keep shounen fans interested in this well rounded josei title.