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Why can’t Zoro Find His Way?

Why can't this man find his way?

Two years (and change) after parting ways the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates gather again at the Sabaody Archipelago. Each character arrived in his or her own time, and it was reasonable as a viewer to expect that Roronoa Zoro would be the last to arrive. Why? It is because the master swordsman Zoro …

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Getting Started in Anime, part three

Ristorante Paradiso reminds us not all anime look the same

Yay!! Here we are for the third and final installment of a beginner’s guide to watching anime. In the previous sections I discussed the major categories of shoujo and shounen and some of the major genres that they cover. This time around we’ll take a look at some shows that aim for an older demographic. …

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Getting Started in Anime, part two

Monkey D. Luffy (red vest, center left) is a classic example of a shounen hero

Welcome back!! This is part two of a beginning viewer’s guide to getting started in anime. Part one has a more complete explanation and shoujo recommendations. Part two will cover shounen and movies. Just as shoujo is aimed at girls, shounen is aimed at boys. There are a wide variety of sub-genres, but many regardless …

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Getting Started in Anime, part one

Hanasaku Iroha follows the adventures of one seriously plucky lead (center)

Often people from the social sciences/ religion/ family side of my life express interest in anime, but don’t know where to get started. The impressive body of work that stretches back to 1917 can be intimidating. Where to begin; do they need to start with older titles and work forward? I put together the first …

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Memorial Day Anime

Members of the Kurosaki family pay tribute at Kurosaki Masaki's Grave

For most people in the United States Memorial Day is a time set aside to remember our military dead (and to be fair that is the official purpose), but for my mother’s family weekends in May are taken up by memorial services at our family cemeteries where we honor all of those who had gone …

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