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What am I thinking?

The catch of good shows this season is huge

The Spring season is now fully in gear and North American licensing for streaming is as good as it has ever been. The roster of shows has seen quite a bit of change with long running series like Bleach and Beelzebub coming to an end and new (a really high quality shows) coming onto the …

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So what’s been happening with OverthinkingAnime?

It’s been a busy time here at; not that you could tell from the posting schedule (or lack there of). In between a job ending, a sabbatical begun, the beginnings of a relocation, and a nearly fatal fight with our site hosting service the winter anime season trooped on. So I am quite behind …

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Thinking about Anime 01/16-01/20

Miyano Mamoru gives Mashima Taichi a voice to match this winsome pose

The shows this week sort of trundled along. Excellent shows continue to deliver excellent product; the only thing that would make Chihayafuru better is if it had previews. Area no Kishin was the only one that through me for a bit of a loop. Not that the action of episode 2 was all that surprising; …

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Thinking about Anime 01/09- 01/13

Shirashi Ryoko plays Onihime's weakness for comic gold

While a few shows were still ringing in the new year, others were off and running including a few new titles (or at least new to me). By the way, this column is called Thinking about Anime because I don’t plan on overthinking things here, that’s for more in depth articles that take a bit …

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Thinking about Anime 01/01 – 01/07

Tachiki-san gives powerful voice to Hasagawa's manly tears

As we are getting into the Winter 2012 season there’s a lot of turn over in the viewing schedule. As some shows from the fall had wrapped up before the New Year and others won’t begin for a few more days I’m left with more time to either re-watch things I have enjoyed from the …

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