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Thinking about Anime May 14-18, 2012

This week saw big changes in European Governments, but the anime front largely continued as it has been. Shows like Uuchu Kyoudai, Sakamichi no Appollon, and Jormungand turned in excellent episodes this week; shows like Shirokuma Cafe and Mouretsu Pirates brought episodes that are certainly entertaining, but that’s about it. This week’s honored seiyuu is …

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Quality, once seen, cannot be unseen

And I mean that in both the meme-ish way and to mean that excellence in art has a way of settling in and claiming mental real estate. When I watch anime I tend to be absorbed into what’s on the screen. I make deep emotional connections with the characters and their situations, and in general …

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The Trouble with Falling in Love

…is that sometimes you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment Setting the difficulty of human relationships aside; what has me sighing these days is the word that Gonzo’s next project will be a character goods based show about a vampire cat called Nyanpyre.