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  4. Why can’t Zoro Find His Way? — July 22, 2012
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Anime at GenCon


This, sadly, will be a quick report. Mr. Overthinker and I were only able to take in one of “the four best days in gaming.” That said there was clearly still a lot going on for fans of anime at Gen Con. Even though the convention emphasizes game and gaming from video games to CCGs …

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Summer Season fun

Natsuyuki explores the complications of relationships in ways that are both realistic and fantastic.

The Spring season has given way to Summer; some really good show wrapped up their stories (Sakamichi no Apollon), some really stinky shows slithered away in ignomy (Hiiro no Kakera), some left us with surprising revelations just before concluding (Jormungand), and some continued on into the Summer season. My viewing schedule is packed beyond capacity …

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One Piece Links

Information about One Piece: Anime Encylopedia @ Anime News Network MyAnimeList.net Wikipedia One Piece Wikia The series is available by streaming on Funimation: Here

Why can’t Zoro Find His Way?

Why can't this man find his way?

Two years (and change) after parting ways the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates gather again at the Sabaody Archipelago. Each character arrived in his or her own time, and it was reasonable as a viewer to expect that Roronoa Zoro would be the last to arrive. Why? It is because the master swordsman Zoro …

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Thinking about Anime, May 28- June 1

The fleet of dancing fishermen says that whatever's coming next on Tsuritama is going to be big

This week seemed to be a water treading week for most of the series that I follow. While some plots progressed by small increments most spent the week talking about where they are. Which is not to say that I regret having spent the time it takes to watch these twenty episodes. Here’s a quick …

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