Overthinking Anime

First a little about me.

I came to anime fairly late in life as compared to others; well out of college, through with graduate work I first fell in love with Gensoumaden Saiyuki then on to Yami no Matsui and Ghost in the Shell:SAC. Since then My Anime List, a site that helpfully keeps up with my anime habit, tells me that I have completed over 300 titles including movies, OVA, and specials. Anime became what I did during the day as my professional life took up my evenings and nights.

As a professional Chaplain, my background in theology wasn’t always as helpful as the additional training I had in psychology and sociology. So at work I was helping people with issues like anxiety, depression, and shame and then I as seeing the same topics coming up again in the anime I watched by day. Given that many of these shows’ intended audiences were usually children, I had to admit that I was probably overthinking the matter.

Having worn out my husband, mother,colleagues, and supervisor with my talking about the deeper themes to be found in anime I was finally encouraged to start writing them down. And so, here we are. Overthinkinganime.com is intended to be a site where the deeper philosophical, psychological, and theological aspects of anime are discussed.

As mentioned on the home page, all articles should be considered spoiler laden. Articles written mid-season/ series may not reflect where the show eventually winds up, and occasionally my desire to rant overtakes my reason (rants are categorized as such, so avoiding them should be fairly straight forward). Below are some links to help you connect with me, links to help you stay abreast of what’s going on in the anime world (though if you made it this far you may well be in deeper than I am), and some updates about what I’m working on/ watching.