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The Spring season is now fully in gear and North American licensing for streaming is as good as it has ever been. The roster of shows has seen quite a bit of change with long running series like Bleach and Beelzebub coming to an end and new (a really high quality shows) coming onto the scene from a variety of studios.

The catch of good shows this season is huge

While I am not watching as many shows as the author of “The Stream” whose viewing roster at this point exceeds what was covered in her previous column, I am also less likely to drop the shows I’m watching. And even with that covering 20 different shows that are currently airing leaves me pretty spoiled. So without further ado, here is what I am watching this season:

  • Monday

    • SKET Dance: This show continues to amuse with more hits than misses, and the promises made by the current opening animation means there is a lot to look forward to from the odd jobs club. Streaming on Crunchyroll
    • Knight in the Area: Another continuing series. Sometimes I think I watch it so that I can yell at the sports psychologist character, but continues to provide an enjoyable coming of age story set on the pitch. Streaming on Crunchyroll
    • Ginga e Kickoff: The excitable spunky main character is the major selling point of this show. I am also enjoying how his talent is still very much in the rough right now.
    • Kuroko no Basuke: Wrapping up Sports Monday is this basketball show that values team formation over lone wolf showboats. I am also enjoying the two man comedy between the main characters. Streaming on Crunchyroll
  • Tuesday
    • One Piece: I still don’t feel like the crew is back together, maybe because they haven’t all been in the same place for over a month. Still its storytelling shines in flshbacks from Fishman Island, so I’ll hold all but one of my complaints. The major disservice done by cutting the ending theme and the preview at times make me sad to watch the licensed stream. Streaming on Funimation
    • Space Brothers: There’s so much to enjoy about this more grown up show. The characters are charming and mostly three dimensional, the pallet is bright and lively without prompting bleeding from the eyes, and the uncertainty of the plot leaves me aching to find out more. Top all of this off with excellent music and you have one of the best new shows this season. Streaming on Crunchyroll
    • Kimi to Boku 2: Many people complain that there are no group of boys who act like this, and that may be true, but it is still an enjoyable peaceful look at what it means to move from primarily identifying yourself with a peer group to the identity of romantic partner. Streaming on Crunchyroll
    • Jormungand: This show’s point of view character, the psychologically damaged ex-child soldier Johnathan, provides an off-kilter lens for an off-kilter world and lends the proceedings a distinctive flavor. Also working in this shows favor are excellent ensemble characters, and wicked and wild action sequences. Streaming on Funimation
  • Sassy characters and clever dialogue mark the cream of this season's crop

  • Wednesday

    • Fairy Tail: picks up with a compelling filler arc after a time skip, there’s still a lot up in the air for the guild of wizards but Overthinker has been watching how they’ve been dealing with issues of parental loss and strained parental relationships for main character Lucy. Streaming on Crunchyroll
    • Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: This show hits all the lighthearted notes that Natsu no Arashi did, but also flashes signs that not all is as happy go ecchi as has been to date. Waiting for the other shoe to drop with this show it part of the fun. Streaming on Chruchyroll
    • Tsuritama: The second show currently airing set in Enoshima, this is as wacky as its neighbor Area no Kishi is at times overwrought. I dance along with the openings, I wait for the friendship between the characters to coalesce, I eat up the bright primary color pallet. I place it in the top three or four shows this season. Streaming on Crunchyroll
    • Zetman: Filling a sort of Tiger and Bunny slot for me in the uncertain buddy superhero show department. At times this has been as awkward and cludgy as that last sentence, but there are enough points of interest that will keep me hanging on. Streaming on Viz Anime
  • Thursday
    • Phi Brain 2: The evil card game gang has shown up to challenge the protagonists to puzzles that kill. I have very little defense for the show, but I enjoy over half the characters and the plot is intriguing, so I keep watching. Streaming on Chrunchyroll
    • Shirokuma Cafe: What’s not to love, cute animals doing cute things. This show is a 25 minute meditation on the good life. I tried to describe the scene with Llama-san and his smartphone to friends and realized that the charm of this show goes beyond simple explanations. Streaming on Crunchyroll
    • Hiiro no Kakera: If Monday is sports day Thursday is “not really sure why I’m watching these” day. This show promised more in the promotional spots than has been delivered so far, but there are hints that this unbearable deadlock might come to a close soon. Let’s hope so. Streaming on Crunchyroll
    • Hyouka: When I was a kid we used to play five minute mysteries, and the plots of the episodes so far have reminded me of that enjoyable pastime, and I would mind continuing the show for that alone, but there has been hints that bigger more interesting mysteries await the Classics Club. I am eager to see what coming episodes will bring.
  • Friday
    • Naruto Shippuuden: As we gear up for the 4th Ninja War, I remember some of the excitement that accompanied the Genin Exam arc, and find myself looking forward to the show each week. A show that has that after 260 episodes (plus all of them from the older series) is nothing to sneeze at. The prospects the return from the dead characters bring for interesting drama alone makes tuning in worthwhile. Streaming on Crunchyroll
    • Mouretsu Pirates: Cute without being vulgar I would characterize this show as “a romp” and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying one of those from time to time. I do find myself hoping that the schoolgirl crew will return home soon and the more interesting and experienced crew will return soon. Streaming on Chruchyroll
    • Eureka 7 AO: Even after a couple of episodes it is clear that this is a return to what was great about the first series without having to retread the same planks. Let’s all just hope it doesn’t end up like Last Exile 2, but I don’t think that needs to be a big worry. Streaming (thank you, thank you) on Funimation>
    • Sakamichi no Apollon: Rounding out the really excellent slate of shows this season is this jazzy number. The hype surrounding this one was huge and so far is has lived up to and exceeded expectations. Overthinker is interested in the ways outsider status is playing as a theme. Streaming on (you guessed it) Crunchyroll

So there you go, more good things to watch than you can shake 6 snakes at. What are you watching right now? Anything I’ve left off that surprised you? Let me know in the comments below.

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