So what’s been happening with OverthinkingAnime?

It’s been a busy time here at OverthinkingAnime.com; not that you could tell from the posting schedule (or lack there of). In between a job ending, a sabbatical begun, the beginnings of a relocation, and a nearly fatal fight with our site hosting service the winter anime season trooped on. So I am quite behind on the articles I have wanted to write.

Things to look forward to in the (hopefully) near future:

  • More Thinking about Anime updates: these are just quick reactions to the week’s watching and a highlight of a seiyuu who has caught my attention that week.
  • More Topical Articles: today’s will be about the hymn “Amazing Grace” and anime.
  • Spring Viewing Guide: The new season is already upon us, and I have a few things that I’ll be keeping an eye out for.
  • Winter Season Conclusions: A short round up of some parting thoughts based on shows concluding at the end of the winter season.
  • So there you go. Lots to do. If there’s something you’d rather see/ talk about, use the comments section below and let me know

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