Thinking about Anime 01/01 – 01/07

As we are getting into the Winter 2012 season there’s a lot of turn over in the viewing schedule. As some shows from the fall had wrapped up before the New Year and others won’t begin for a few more days I’m left with more time to either re-watch things I have enjoyed from the past or to work through some of the backlog of shows that I haven’t have a chance to view. Each season I watch show that aired before I started watching anime, but others I keep off the schedule so that if I end up with a chunk of time I can watch them whenever. Case in point: Slam Dunk, which I have watched 3 or 4 episodes at a time since the summer. Sakuragi Hanamichi is just charming enough to make up for the obnoxious level of overconfidence. This show is further leading me down the path of Inoue fandom while I wait for more volumes of Real find their way Stateside.

In other new of things ending the seeming interminable ocean voyage that Naruto is over, which is a yay (though I will be sad to see the current OP leave), but I have also now finished Kimi to Boku and Eureka 7…though I guess there’s new of both under production. Eureka 7 certainly gives one enough to think about in terms of atonement, zero sum equations, family, and it like Kimi to Boku (an many a shounen show) is interested in what it means to be a boy versus being a man and how to best navigate the transition betwixt the two.

Whenever the anime gods close a door however they do open a window: Natsume Yuujinchou: Shi is off to an amazing start (though its opening title music leaves me a little cold), and I have finally just about caught up to One Piece. Getting the whole gang together again was awesome, though Sanji’s ‘trauma’ is getting a bit old…yes, yes, you were stuck with hideous kung fu okama for 2 years ha ha now get back to the kitchen. Other things that are less than fun: 1.waiting for the return of Guilty Crown; I’m not sure it’s good enough a show to keep returning to Funimation’s stie to see if it has streamed yet. 2. The music for the New Prince of Tennis was it lifted from a stage show? something else? I don’t know.

Shows from the fall with 20 some-odd episodes continue strongly with

Tachiki-san gives powerful voice to Hasagawa's manly tears

Chihayafuru going somewhere unexpected, Bleach’s new antagonist sounding interesting narrative notes, and Persona 4 keeping good balance in what could be a very formulaic story. And in looking ahead: next week brings Brave 10, Another, and Knight in the Area (all streaming at crunchyroll).

Seiyuu of the Week: TACHIKI Fumihiko

In each of these updates I hope to feature a voice actor who has made an impression during the previous week’s vewing. This week I’m honoring Tachiki Fumihiko, who provides voice to long suffering Hasagawa Taizou. Even though I was still waiting on a new Gintama’ I went back and watched that last 5 minutes of episode 39 just so that I could catch that last scene between Hasagawa and Gintoki again. Hasagawa has long been a favorite character of mine on Gintama, but I have also loved Tachiki’s other work namely Billy from Arakawa Under the Bridge, Zaraki from Bleach, and the elder Kirisaki from Yakitate!! Japan.

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