The Trouble with Falling in Love

…is that sometimes you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment

Setting the difficulty of human relationships aside; what has me sighing these days is the word that Gonzo’s next project will be a character goods based show about a vampire cat called Nyanpyre.

Gonzo's Awesome Logo

My dilemma is this, I had grown to love the Gonzo products with which I was familiar. I loved the company’s logo racing at me across the lighting filled landscape; I loved saying “Gonzo” along with the deep voice who proclaimed that what would follow would be a product who’s brand had come to mean something to me. My first tastes were Seinen shows like Speed Grapher, Samurai 7, Blassreiter and Gankutsuou. I watched other shows just because of the Gonzo name like Shangri-La and Last Exile and was not disappointed. I was delighted to discover that other shows I loved had been worked on by the company like Trinity Blood. The brand had come to represent a kind of story telling that combined really beautiful art and compelling characters who seldom fell into the “woe is me” anime character trap.

I watched my share of 30 minute toy commercials with “plots” as a kid, but that isn’t where my viewership is any more. I hope I am terribly wrong, and that there is an angle to this that hasn’t yet been revealed. I hope that I can still count on Gonzo for the great stories that they tell to grown ups, because when they rock at it (and they so often do) they raise the whole art form to something that bears being thought about…maybe even to the point of overthinking.

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